10 Days To New Year: 10 Juices To Make You Look Younger | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

10 Days To New Year: 10 Juices To Make You Look Younger

10 Days To New Year: 10 Juices To Make You Look Younger|Healthy Living>Healthy Eating
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Who doesn’t dream about having flawless skin? It turns out that you can make one step toward this dream by simply adding some juice to your diet.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients that may improve your skin condition enormously. If you don’t like eating some particular fruit or vegetable you can always get the most out of it by turning it into a juice. Drinking fresh juices will not only bring that healthy glow back to your face but will as well provide a natural detox for your body. And that is the main secret of the clean skin. Today specialist VK Skin have got you a list of 10 juices that will help you to transform just in 10 days and enter the new 2017 as a new person.

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#1 Apple Juice
Apple juice is, without any doubt, the number one juice for aging skin. It contains antioxidants that do not only beat wrinkles and fine lines, but also make your skin soft and give it a healthy glow.

#2 Grape Juice
Another great source of antioxidants is grape juice. Thus, it is perfect for reducing acne and any signs of skin aging. For that reason, grapes are often included into anti-aging diets.

#3 Pomegranate Juice
When you think that your skin is beyond repair and nothing but some harsh chemical solutions may save it, pomegranate juice comes to the rescue. Powerful antioxidants in this fruit turn it into the effective anti-aging remedy that heals your skin from the inside.

#4 Lemon Juice
Do you grimace when eating lemons? Well, you’ll have to start loving them if you want to rejuvenate your skin. The high content of vitamins C and B as well as citric acid will help your body to get rid of the toxins by purifying your blood and cleansing the kidneys.

#5 Carrot Juice
You definitely know that carrots are very useful for your sight because that’s something we hear since our childhood. But did you know that carrots are also among the best vegetables that help to beat the signs of aging? Beta carotene, which is so helpful for improving sight, can also slow down aging process by preventing skin cells degeneration and giving your face a healthy glowing look. The vitamin A found in carrots also keeps your teeth and bones healthy. Another important component is vitamin C. It boosts collagen production, resulting in plumper and more elastic skin.

#6 Ginger Juice
If you have already got some ginger for your Christmas gingerbread cookies, you may like to keep some aside for one more amazing youth-giving juice. Except for containing natural antioxidants, ginger is rich in vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium and manganese which make it a perfect anti-inflammatory remedy.

#7 Beet Juice
If your body asks for some more potassium together with niacin, iron, copper and vitamin C, then beet juice is your option. Full of zinc, magnesium, manganese and folic acid, beet juice will calm down all the inflammatory processes, cleanse your liver and cure your skin.

#8 Kale Juice
Kale green leaves keep some essential nutrients for your skin. As a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, K and a bunch of other important components, it nourishes your skin, reduces the inflammation and even fights acne.

#9 Parsley Juice
Another green source of your skin youth is parsley juice. Its active components help to improve your skin tone by reducing blemishes and dark spots. Also, parsley juice keeps your liver, kidneys and urinary tract clean, preventing serious bladder infections.

#10 Watercress Juice
A single portion of watercress can provide you with a vitamin A daily intake as well as a portion of some other vitamins, including B, C, E and K. Watercress is also a source of sulfur which clears the skin complexion. Don’t forget that it also purifies your blood and liver, contributing to the healthy and glowing look.

Yet, before you go to the nearest supermarket for a portion of youth, here are some important tips for you to remember:

  • Consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.
  • Use only raw fruits and vegetables to get the most out of your juice.
  • Always go for organic fruits and vegetables and clean them thoroughly before consuming.
  • Drink your juice right after you make it, while it still hasn’t lost its benefits due to oxidization.
  • Dilute half a serving of juice with water to cut the amount of sugar you consume, especially if you are preparing a fruit juice.

Keep in mind that juices on their own will not give you any dramatic effect. You should combine them with proper diet and exercise. If you need a quick improvement to your look, don’t be afraid to opt for the anti-aging spa procedures such as LED treatment, Radiofrequency procedure or Oxygen Infusion.

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