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10 Most Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Tips

10 Most Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Tips|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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Celebrities feel the pressure all the time to look great during the red carpet walks. Have you ever wondered how they manage to maintain their beauty? Prepare yourself for some surprising celebrity beauty tips!

#1 Catherine Zeta-Jones is an alco-addict?
Some people try to avoid beer to stay healthier, but not Catherine Zeta-Jones! Yet, she has quite a different use for it instead of drinking. The star uses beer as a conditioner for making her hair glow. She also likes to use the good old method of rubbing strawberry on her teeth for whitening them. Still, the acid in the strawberry may be harmful to your smile and the effect is too slight for such a risk. Come at VK Skin SPA and we will make your teeth shine bright like a diamond!

#2 Jennifer Love Hewitt and… facepaste?
Jennifer Love Hewitt is also a fan of the alternative use of the products. Her tip is not new for most women: the star uses toothpaste for her face for reducing redness and drying pimples out. Toothpaste may be a great alternative for the emergency situations when you don’t have other remedies. But we strongly recommend you to use only anti-bacterial products proven by dermatologists.

#3 Scar-Jo is damaging her skin intentionally?
Scarlett Johansson has a tip for those nasty days of breakouts. The actress uses cider vinegar as the effective cleanser for skin. But even the star herself knows that using vinegar as the everyday toner is too harsh for your skin, so it may be used only in the emergency situations.

#4 Cindy Crawford puts a half of the breakfast on her face?
Think twice before pouring some milk into your morning bowl of cereal. How about mixing it with water and putting onto your face? That’s exactly what Cindy Crawford does for keeping her face moist and hydrated. There is a grain of truth in such use of milk. It is rich in calcium, minerals and protein – all three elements that are really essential for the skin health.

#5 Teri Hatcher is a heavy drinker?
The Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has a gourmet secret for nourishing and moisturizing her skin. While some people may finish the whole bottle of red wine during the dinner, Teri prefers to pour it into her bath. And she has a point here – red grape is famous for its antioxidant properties. But there is hardly anything moisturizing in the alcohol, isn’t it?

#6 Do you envy Bar Refaeli?
Well, now you probably will. The model Bar Refaeli is a fan of a popular gold facial. The real 24-carat gold is used during the procedure. By the way, if you are ready to become a beauty queen as well, visit VK Skin SPA and try out the gold marvel yourself!

#7 Sandra Bullock has a delicate problem?
Sandra Bullock often visits the drugstore for getting another jar of hemorrhoid cream. But don’t worry, the actress doesn’t use it by its usual application. In fact, Bullock uses the cream for reducing wrinkles and puffs under her eyes. Quite an effective method, but you’d better not try it yourself as the hemorrhoid cream can be too strong for the tender skin under your eyes.

#8 Snooki steals her cat’s litter?
Looking for another way to scrub your face? Ask Snooki for a piece of advice. The star admits that she uses cat’s litter to exfoliate her skin. It may be cheap, but do you really want to save money on your beauty? Try facials from VK Skin SPA instead!

#9 Angelina Jolie goes under the sea?
It looks like after voicing Lola in The Shark Tale Angie realized the power of the ocean. Her beauty treatment isn’t cheap – Jolie uses caviar-based procedures for nourishing her skin and reducing the stretch marks.

#10 Kim Kardashian is a vampire?
When you are as famous as Kim, you have to spend a lot of time, money and even pain on your beauty. The celebrity shocked the world with the Instagram photo of her Vampire Facelift. The platelets extracted from her own blood are injected into the skin with the aim of preventing wrinkles. Rather creepy, isn’t it?

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