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Kardashian Beauty Tips You Should Never Try: Part 2

Kardashian Beauty Tips You Should Never Try: Part 2|Healthy Living>Healthy Eating
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Every single media exposes us to the so-called ‘beauty standards’ every day. Thankfully, a lot of women understand that we all are beautiful on our own. Still, there are those who are ready to give up everything to look like their favorite celebrities.

If you are one of our long-term readers, you already know what this article is going to be about. If not, be sure to check out the first part of the Kardashian beauty tips you should never follow first.

Even though none of the Kardashians is a qualified weight-loss expert, some people believe that everything they say is 100% reliable. In fact, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé have all been enormously successful losing 60, 35 and 40 pounds correspondingly. The problem is that no celebrity will tell you the truth about all the struggles they need to go through to stay on the market.

Last time we’ve dwelled upon the things they put onto their bodies. This time, we’re going to tell about what goes inside of them, that is – on their dieting lifehacks. Keep on reading to find out how not to harm your health with some crazy beauty tips.


#1 Ditching Dairy
Khloé boasts that she has lost 11 pounds with the help of this only one lifehack. She went for some dairy-free items instead of foods like milk, cheese, ice-cream and even pizza.

The truth is that eliminating dairy is viable only for those people who are allergic to cow’s milk or have any other health issues connected with that particular type of food. In other cases, you can just worsen the situation. By replacing diary you can also lower the amount of some important nutrients in your ration, including protein – which is vital for people who are trying to burn fat.


#2 Giving Up Gluten
The gluten-free diet has been a buzzword in the beauty community for a pretty long time. And Kardashians keep up with the trend. Khloé has cut gluten out of her diet, while Kourtney has done the same not only with her own ration – her children eat gluten-free foods as well.

Yet, skipping gluten is not a perfect solution for the weight loss. The reason is that gluten-free products often contain extra sugars and fats which are added so that these foods do not lose their taste. As you may guess, such alterations aren’t the key to healthy eating.


#3 Cutting Out Carbs
Kim’s pregnancy didn’t leave her body as handsome as it was. Thus, she decided to stick to the Atkins 40 diet. It means giving up all the carbs, including sugar, sweets, white rice and white flour. Then, only some of the carb-containing foods are brought back, such as yams and brown rice.

No doubt, this diet can bring rather impressing weight loss results. Nonetheless, don’t wait for this experience to be easy and delightful. Cutting out such massive group of products may only sound simple. In reality, it’s pretty hard not to walk the line.


#4 Drinking Weight-loss Tea
Remember, last time we told you about the promoted posts in Kardashians’ social media? There is no guarantee that this time, it’s not the same. So nobody knows whether Lyfe Tea Teatox tea is as effective as Kourtney claims. The same goes for all the rest of weight loss drinks. There is no product that can make you lose weight. What really works is combining healthy eating with the regular workout.


#5 Taking Cheat Days
What a woman will not be pleased by the fact that from time to time you can disobey the rules and still get the same result? Khloé boasts that she can eat pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese all day long without worrying about the outcome.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that cheat days actually work. Any diet or workout plan will have really great effect only if you stick to the rules without a single minute of break.

If you are not ready to give up your favorite products, there is a better way out. Instead of eating those foods in unlimited quantity on so-called ‘cheat days’, don’t exclude them from your ration at all. The only rule is to control the amount of food that you eat.

Finding a balance between eating and working out will never harm your health. Your weight loss is your own way. That is why you should choose your own means to pass it. Of course, after a thorough consultation with your doctor and personal trainer. We at VK Skin spa wish you to get the body of your dream with the least of struggle and the most of the pleasure!

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