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The Ultimate Anti-Aging Menu For Your Skin

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Menu For Your Skin|Healthy Living>Healthy Eating
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Dieticians emphasize – again and again – that the balanced diet is important for the good health. But what are the actual benefits? No doubts, switching to the healthy eating sometimes may be too challenging. Yet, if you know what you get in the long run, it gets a way simpler.

One of the most important advantages of the healthy diet is enhancing your natural beauty. Today we’ve prepared for you the menu which can become your first step in the battle against skin aging. Sounds too good to be true? Keep on reading to find out how to eat healthily and stay young.

Breakfast: Frittata With Mushrooms, Broccoli, and Spinach
Start your day with a delicious Italian breakfast. This egg-based dish has several gifts for your look at once. First, it is extremely rich in protein. As you know, protein is crucial for the skin cell structure. Secondly, it is a source of biotin – an element which will keep both your skin and hair healthy. Top it all with those green veggies – and off you go with the fresh daily dose of antioxidants, the irreplaceable components for eliminating the damaging influence of free radicals.

Lunch: Loaded Sweet Potato
Sweet potato is one of the main sources of carotenoids – one more antioxidant in your list which will protect the skin from free radicals and sun damage. Add some fennel to reduce inflammation and cure extra dry skin.



Snack: Roasted Chickpeas
Quercetin and kaempferol phytochemicals are the two elements which you may never learn how to pronounce, but you should know what they do for your look. These anti-inflammatory components will make your skin clearer, providing you with the even complexion. Moreover, they contain copper and manganese – two minerals which support skin metabolism and regeneration.



Dinner: Fried Salmon With Vegetables
Except for improving your heart health, omega-3 fats in salmon will also make your skin smooth and soft. Combine it with the proper vegetables and you will get an extra dose of vitamin C. It will boost the collagen production – a key to beating wrinkles.



Snack: Berry Smoothie With Matcha Powder
Last year matcha made a lot of fuss in the healthy eating world. This is, basically, the concentrated green tea, so take all its usual benefits and multiply it by a thousand. Green tea is probably the number one weapon against free radicals. Thus, by adding a teaspoon to your meal or snack, you automatically make it several timeі healthier. Concerning the berry smoothie, go for some blueberries and pomegranate, if you want to add some tasty antioxidants. You can also opt for blueberries, raspberries, and Concord grapes. Those are rich in nutritious elements, including polyphenols and anthocyanins, which will help you to beat skin aging straight away.



Of course, this is not the only possible menu for your anti-aging diet. By combining the proper products wisely, you can create loads of variations of appetizing dishes. Your family will not even notice that you are cutting off all those unhealthy ingredients! Check out our 8 easy diet rules for glowing skin to find some more ways to diversify your meals. Eat healthily and stay handsome, ladies!

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