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Top 3 Reasons To Get A Facial By A Professional

Top 3 Reasons To Get A Facial By A Professional|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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Have you ever got a facial at a spa? If so, how often do you have it? Do you have a constant spa schedule? Or was it just a one-time experience and you don’t think of getting back?

Today a lot of women wonder if there is any use of going to a spa if you can take care of your beauty on your own. With all the cosmetic products and devices at hand, it is hard to resist the temptation of staying at home and not going anywhere. But will the results be equal to those after a professional spa treatment? Today we want to tell you about 3 major reasons to go for a professional facial.

What Happens During A Facial At A Spa?
If you take care of your skin at home, that’s great. That means you remove the risks of serious breakouts and severe skin issues. But first, let’s get down about what happens during the professional facial

A typical procedure consists of a few steps: skin analysis, consultation, exfoliation, extractions, and mask. Sometimes it is also followed by a light facial massage.

Most of these steps probably sound a lot like what you are doing at home, so what are the reasons to go for a spa facial, then?


Reason #1: Extractions
Most people under 50 suffer from blackheads, which means that you will probably need the extraction procedure during your treatment. And it’s much better if the extractions will be done by a professional rather by yourself at home.

First, there’s no need to bother about anything – you just lie on the table and relax. Secondly, sometimes a blackhead may be too deep in the skin and you won’t be able to extract it on your own, while the professional knows how to do it.

Another advantage is that your esthetician knows the proper technique. You may be sure it will never cause further inflammation or leave red marks or dark spots. Moreover, a professional always has a better view of your skin and access to it. You lying straight on the table under a strong lamp is definitely better than you staying in front of the mirror and getting into some strange position to reach those blackheads, isn’t it? Finally, an esthetician always has some cosmetic solutions on hand. They make the procedure itself quicker, easier, less painful and more effective.


Reason #2: Exfoliation
The main difference between the at-home cosmetic solutions and the professional ones is that at a spa, you will always get a stronger result. Even though all those products are available in drugstores now, we strongly recommend you not to try them at home. Without knowing the proper technique and dose you will only harm your skin.

Compared to the retail exfoliants, spa solutions have a lower pH level and a higher concentration of active components. Furthermore, the ingredients in such solutions are always of better quality.

Besides the professional exfoliants, at spa, your skin is also treated with professional equipment. Microdermabrasion treatment, for instance, cannot be compared to anything you do at home.


Reason #3: Problem Skin
If blackheads aren’t your biggest problem and you have a constant skin issue, like acne or sensitive skin, the esthetician’s help is always better.

No facial can start without thorough skin analysis and consultation. Your esthetician will develop an individual treatment plan for you as well as give advice on at-home aftercare. It will prolong the result of the spa facial.


How Often Should I Get A Spa Facial?
The answer to this question depends purely on your skin condition. For instance, if you suffer from acne, you may be asked to come once a week for a month. In case a facial is just a preventive treatment for you, once in 4-6 weeks may be enough.



Will you agree with us now that professional facial at a spa is always better? If so, hurry up to set your appointment at VK Skin Spa today! Our best estheticians are here to help you!

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