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Top 7 Effects Of Using Cosmetics That Threaten Your Health

Top 7 Effects Of Using Cosmetics That Threaten Your Health|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Beauty>Makeup
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Today it is hardly possible to find a girl who has never tried using cosmetics. And in 99% of cases, after the first time, she sticks to it for the rest of her life. But have you ever wondered whether the products you use are not harmful to your health? Sometimes it’s the particular ingredients of the cosmetics, sometimes – just the general overusing. Today we are going to reveal TOP 7 harmful effects of using cosmetics so that you could save your health and prolong your beauty.

#7 Low Self Esteem And Dependency On Makeup
Some people start using cosmetics as a way to hide their skin problems like acne, scars and so on. Others also use it as a mean to correct some facial features such as a too wide nose or too small eyes. As a result, these people can’t go out without their makeup on, spending a fortune to get the best products possible. Remember: you are beautiful just the way you are. Instead of covering such serious issues as acne, it’s better to treat them with the help of professional procedures. Beautiful skin is the healthy skin.

#6 Constant Headaches And Dizziness
If you feel nausea too often and there is no reason for it, you’d better check out your makeup routine. Wearing too many cosmetic products during the day can cause nausea, sleepiness, and headaches. Remember, the main rule of makeup is simple: the less, the better. Of course, that applies only if your aim is to stay healthy.

#5 Skin Reactions And Diseases
You should be really careful when choosing which makeup products to use. Some products can even cause allergy in the long run. This rule goes not only for the foundation, powder, highlighter and so on. Improper choice of skin care products can ruin your whole image as well. Remember we told you how to take care of your skin according to its type?

#4 Hair Problems
Each girl dreams of having perfect hair and there’s no crime in taking proper care of it. The matter is that we easily get lost in the plethora of hair products and forget about safety rules. Shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, gels and so on – these all look great on the first time you use them. But if you don’t pay attention to the components of the solution, soon it will start ruining your hair. Hair thinning, scalp redness, dandruff, and even hair loss – these are only the major hair problems you can face. So once you decide to go for constant hair care, choose all the products really thoroughly not to damage your hair.

#3 Say Goodbye To Your Nails
Well, of course, we are exaggerating on this one, but there’s still a grain of truth in it. As the gel polish entered our beauty routine, almost all the women went straight for the trend. It looks great, doesn’t need special care and stands on for up to two weeks. Isn’t it amazing? It is, but mind the safety. Continuous use of polishes (especially poor quality ones) and filing your nails leads to their discoloration and fragileness. Be careful with your nail routine if you want your hands to stay beautiful.

#2 How About Blindness?
This one isn’t a joke. If you don’t stick to the rules of makeup using and storage, you risk getting some serious eye infections. The most widespread one is pseudomonas aeruginosa which is often found in mascara. If you wear lenses, the risk is even higher. The chemicals in the products can interact with lenses, causing eye diseases and lashes thinning. Follow our blog and soon we will tell you how often you should change your makeup products to eliminate the danger.

#1 Skin Aging
Overusing cosmetics can lead not only to skin diseases but also to premature aging. You should always keep in mind that the main aim of cosmetic makers is to sell as many stuff as possible. So why should they keep you from buying their products if they can invent some more which are going to help you to beat skin aging? Sounds a bit depressing, but that’s the sad truth.
Be careful and always remember that the best look is young and healthy look!

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