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Want To Be Healthier? Eat Chocolate For Breakfast!

Want To Be Healthier? Eat Chocolate For Breakfast!|Between us girls|Healthy Living>Healthy Eating
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VK Skin Spa definitely knows that a chocolate wrap is good for your body. Now it turns out that eating chocolate for your breakfast will not only raise your mood but also boost your productivity for a whole day! Surprised? Keep on reading to find out the details.

It’s not a secret that chocolate is the most favorite antidepressant among women. We often eat some when we need the instant energy boost. And today we finally have the answer why it works! The recent study conducted by the Syracuse University has shown that chocolate helps the brain activity and cognition.

Chocolate Throughout The History

The cocoa came to us from the South America, where it is known since the ancient tribal times. Back in that period, the consuming of the plant was closely connected with its aphrodisiac properties. The tribes had the tradition to create a cocoa drink for the marriages and other similar ceremonies.

For a pretty long time chocolate has been known to a limited part of the world, thus considered a great delicacy. But with time, it became widely popular, with more and more useful properties being discovered. No wonder that even today scientists continue studying the benefits of this amazing product. During the years chocolate was used to boost sexual power and treat sicknesses. Thanks to the already mentioned Syracuse University research, some of the three million of cocoa beans consumed daily around the world can be used as the morning energizer for your mind and body.

The Background Of The Research

The results of the chocolate intake were studied on the basis of various tests. The list includes the MMSE, Working Memory, Visual-Spatial Memory and Organization, Scanning and Tracking, Global Composite and the Similarities tests.

Why Breakfast Exactly?

The dieticians still argue whether it is important for the breakfast to be the biggest meal of the day. Still, we cannot argue that it is extremely important to pay attention to what exactly you eat as your first meal. Even the word itself suggests that it is a fast break from the sleep.

During the night our body “shuts down”. So it’s extremely important to wake up your organism in the morning and charge it for a long and productive day. Now, as you know the benefits of the chocolate, use it for your pleasure! Why not start your day with a delicious chocolate, as an option? You can increase the effect by adding some other foods that are the mental activity triggers, such as egg yolks. Combining those foods on the regular basis will not only activate your body in the morning but also improve your brain activity in the long run.

Bonus Benefit: You Will Lose More Weight!

Don’t expect us to say at this point that eating chocolate is the ideal diet for the weight loss. Nonetheless, it can really benefit your eating habits, especially if you are concerned about your health. The study done at the Tel Aviv University has proven that timing full meals is essential for people eager to shed weight. The trick is that starting your day with a breakfast high in calories helps you out to calculate and distribute the calories for the rest of the meals.


Overall, chocolate has a whole range of reasons to love it. It is a great anti-oxidant that helps to beat free radicals, so it is one of your best means for anti-aging treatment. Also, it makes a great ingredient for the body scrub. Add our today’s message to the list, and you’ll get a real superfood. Isn’t it incredible?

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