What To Eat To Stay Young: 9 Anti-Aging Products | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

What To Eat To Stay Young: 9 Anti-Aging Products

What To Eat To Stay Young: 9 Anti-Aging Products|Beauty
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It’s not a secret that the correct diet can make a huge change in your life, including your health and beauty. Today we are going to reveal the list of products that will help you to prolong your beauty for years.

#1 Add Some Fruits And Vegetables
Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables help your body to beat elements which are damaging your health. So every now and then try to fill your meal with tomatoes, carrots, corn, peppers, leafy greens, oranges, melon, blueberries and so on.

Such foods contain elements like vitamin C, zinc, and beta-carotene. These antioxidants are especially useful as they protect your vision from serious diseases. Once you start eating those vegetables and fruits, you automatically lower your risk to get the disease. Even if you already have any vision problems, the antioxidants will help you to slow down the process.

Another use of the vitamin C is keeping your skin young for a longer time. Also, the studies have shown the connection between eating green vegetables and the number of wrinkles.

#2 How About Whole Grains?
The dieticians still doubt whether it’s okay to start your day with a plate of an oatmeal. But one thing they all agree on is that whole grains, including oats, quinoa, barley, wheat, and brown rice, are helpful for your health. They lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and keep blood vessels in peak condition.

#3 Go Out For Fishing
Well, at least get some fresh fish at your local store. Omega-3 fatty acids are your main weapon against such critical health problems as heart stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Just two servings per week will help to turn back your body clock. If you don’t like salmon, tuna, trout or any fish at all, ask your doctor for an appropriate fish oil supplement.

#4 Check Out The Dairy Counter
Another type of food which can protect you from heart diseases is dairy. Add low-fat milk, yogurt or any other dairy products to your ration on the daily basis. Also, don’t forget about the vitamin D and calcium that will fortify your bones. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, look for other foods that contain these elements. Just make sure to include them into your diet!

#5 It’s Time To Go Nuts!
Or, better to say, it’s time to go and get some nuts. It is the case when you shouldn’t be afraid of the word ‘fat’. The nuts have the healthiest fats you can ever find. If you complement your snack with just four almonds per day, you are sure to cut the risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure by as many as 20%. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

#6 Vegans Choose Beans!
If you don’t eat meat or just want to make your diet more versatile, try adding some beans and lentils. These are great red meat alternative that will help you to cut down the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. As it can be used as a base for the dish, think of all those great recipes you may use them for.

#7 Olive Oil Always Helps!
It’s really hard to imagine how many functions olive oil has. Despite being an ideal ingredient for tons of beauty products, it also helps you to stay healthy from the inside. Now the fact that the Greeks from the Crete have lower rate of cancer, heart diseases, and other age-related issues, is not surprising at all.

#8-9 Treat Yourself With Some Wine And Chocolate!
What can be a better way to relax than a bubble bath with the glass of red wine and some dark chocolate? While resveratrol found in wine will slow down your cellular aging, chocolate will take care of your blood vessels. Now you can be free of self-reproach: at the end of the day, you deserve it! Just don’t forget about the dose. Otherwise, you risk turning from the gracious lady to a plump alcoholic. Be careful, girls!

VK Skin Spa wishes you to stay young and beautiful. And if you think that healthy diet isn’t enough, you are welcome to try our best anti-aging procedures!

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