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Where To Spend The Best Bridal Shower Ever

Where To Spend The Best Bridal Shower Ever|Between us girls
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A bridal shower is a perfect way not only to celebrate the upcoming wedding but also to spend time together with close friends. How about visiting a spa on such a special occasion?

Relaxing both mind and body at the same time is definitely one of the best options for the bridal shower. We all know how much stress and pressure the bride has to go through before the wedding. So why not to help her to let her hair down and have a bit of rest? Today we will give you some hints so that your bride will be the happiest woman on Earth after her party.

Stage #1: Pre-planning

If you want your spa bridal shower to be perfect, you’d better plan everything ahead. Here are the steps you should take about a month or two before the party:

  1. Choose the date. The best time for a spa bridal shower is at least a week before the event. We’ve already explained the reasons for this in the article ‘The Most Important Beauty Don’ts Before The Wedding’. Decide on the day which will be convenient for all the guests without exception. And remember: the wedding planning is a tough thing. So make sure the bride won’t be choosing a wedding cake that day.
  2. Think of the venue. Once you decide to throw a spa party, you can’t just go to the first spot available. Look through all the possible variants, counting in all sorts of details: the variety of procedures, the duration of actual treatments, the time you book a room for, the level of privacy etc. Don’t be shy to ask about bridal packages.
  3. Send your invitations. As soon as you have the guest list together with the date and the site, it’s high time to send all the invitations. Add the details which guests may need, including the general schedule for the party day. If the digital version is not what you are looking for, you can buy handmade invitations or even create them yourself! Just keep in mind that it should be relevant to your theme!

#2: Planning the Details

The moment you are done with the first stage, move to all the details of the party. Here is the list of components you will want to think through:

  1. Food. The whole idea of the spa bridal shower is being healthy and beautiful. So don’t even think of carrying pizza or burgers, no matter how strongly the bride adores them. Opt for some salads or deli sandwiches, veggies with deep and light desserts. As for the drinks, serve juices or punches. And don’t leave water out of the loop – it’s rather handy at the spa.
  2. Activities. Call the spa that you are going to visit and set up all the details of the bridal party, such as the number of guests, the spa treatments and the schedule of the procedures.
  3. Favors. Wouldn’t it be a crime to send the girls home with bare hands after such an unforgettable party? The options for spa-themed bridal shower favors are limitless. You can either present a homemade body scrub or give away the basic ingredients together with the ultimate scrub recipe so that everyone could make their own unique version. You can also ask the spa whether they have any samples for you to offer.
  4. Gift for the bride. You definitely don’t want to spoil the mood by forgetting about the gift for the bride, right? Keep it simple, and if you need a bit more of advice on this one, check out our list of the best bridal shower gifts.

Bridal shower at the spa is the great way to escape from all worn-out traditional parties and still have fun with the closest friends. We at VK Skin Spa guarantee you total privacy and high-quality treatments. Choose our spa for your bridal shower and be sure that you will never forget that experience!

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